Bargaining Page

The United Faculty of Florida (representing the employees in the UFF USF Bargaining Unit) and the USF Administration (representing the USF Board of Trustees – which has been delegated the authority to bargain contracts by the Florida State University System Board of Governors) is now bargaining a successor to the 2016 – 2019 Collective Bargaining Agreement as modified by the 2019 – 2020 Memorandum of Understanding (which was modified in turn by a Memorandum of Understanding regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Chief Negotiator for UFF is Robert F. Welker, Associate Professor of Accounting (and a practicing attorney). The Chief Negotiator for the USF Administration is John F. Dickinson of Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophet, LLP.

Impact Bargaining on Teaching during the Pandemic

In response to the Delta COVID-19 surge, the UFF moved for impact bargaining to adjust the current contract to deal with teaching during the pandemic.

Bargaining a New Contract

The two bargaining teams met on July 9, and the USF Administration presented a proposal that was described in the 15 July 2021 Biweekly.

Proposals are placed on the table in packets, labeled Proposal # 1, Proposal # 2, etc. Each packet contains many parts, each part an item of the current contract, with proposed additions underlined and proposed deletions struck through. Here are UFF’s proposals thus far:

  • Article 1 on Recognition.
  • Article 5 on Academic Freedom and Responsibility.
  • Article 6 on Nondiscrimination.
  • Article 8 on Appointment.
    • Section 8.4 on Changes in Appointments and Supplemental Appointments.
  • Article 9 on Assignment of Responsibilities.
  • Article 10 on Employee Performance Evaluation.
  • Article 11 on Evaluation File.
  • Article 13 on Layoff and Recall.
  • Article 14 on Promotion Procedure.
  • Article 16 on Disciplinary Action and Job Abandonment.
  • Article 17 on Leaves.
  • Article 20 on Grievance Procedure and Arbitration.
    • Section 20.8 on Formal Grievance Procedure.
    • Article 24 on Benefits.
    • Article 26 on Maintenance of Benefits.
      • Section 26.2 on the reorganization of higher education in the State of Florida…
    • Article 28 on Severability.
    • Article 31 on Totality of Agreement.
    • Appendix A on Position Classifications in the Bargaining Unit.

    Round 2 on August 20. On August 20, the Administration presented two more proposals on: