Here is the Collective Bargaining Agreement as a PDF file and as a webpage file.
Here are the list of articles:

  1. Recognition
  2. Consultation
  3. UFF Privileges
  4. Reserved Rights
  5. Academic Freedom and Responsibility
  6. Nondiscrimination
  7. Minutes, Rules, and Budgets
  8. Appointment
  9. Assignment of Responsibilities
  10. Employee Performance Evaluations
  11. Evaluation Files
  12. Non-Reappointment
  13. Layoff and Recall
  14. Promotion Procedure
  15. Tenure
  16. Disciplinary Action and Job Abandonment
  17. Leaves
  18. Inventions and Works
  19. Conflict of Interest/Outside Activity
  20. Grievance Procedure and Arbitration
  21. Other Employee Rights
  22. Professional Development Program and Sabbaticals
  23. Salaries
  24. Benefits
  25. Payroll Deduction
  26. Maintenance of Benefits
  27. Miscellaneous Provisions
  28. Severability
  29. Amendment and Duration
  30. Definitions
  31. Totality of Agreement

And here are the appendices:

  1. Position Classifications in the Bargaining Unit
  2. The UFF Dues Check-Off Authorization Form (the original form for joining UFF), but you may prefer to use the online form instead; also, there is a UFF-PAC Payroll Deduction Authorization Form.
  3. University Of South Florida/United Faculty of Florida Grievance form
  4. Notice of Arbitration
  5. Salary Increase Notification
  6. Exclusive Assignment Dispute Resolution Procedure
  7. Memorandum of Understanding – Article 14 – Promotions
  8. Exclusive Assignment Dispute Resolution Form.

And here are the grievance and assignment dispute resolution forms as editable rtf files:

While any employee in the UFF USF Bargaining Unit may use these forms for grievances or assignment disputes, UFF members (and only UFF members) have the right to union representation. Every employee facing a contract violation is strongly advised to contact The Grievance Committee