About UFF

This is the site of the University of South Florida system’s Chapter of the United Faculty of Florida.

The USF Chapter of the UFF consists of the UFF members at the three campuses of USF, and represents all USF faculty and professionals of the UFF USF Bargaining Unit in bargaining a contract — a Collective Bargaining Agreement — that determines the terms and conditions of employment at USF – and the Memorandum of Understanding that faculty have voted to ratify.

    The UFF was organized by faculty in the Florida State University System (SUS) — including faculty at USF — during the mid-1970s, and has represented USF faculty and professionals since 1976.  UFF dealt directly with the SUS Board of Regents until the reorganization of the SUS in 2001.  After UFF conducted a card campaign — collecting cards from over 60 % of the faculty and professionals of Bargaining Unit — the USF Board of Trustees recognized UFF as the Collective Bargaining Agent for USF faculty and professionals in the Bargaining Unit.  Currently, the USF Chapter of the UFF bargains and enforces successive contracts with the USF Board of Trustees — usually with the USF Administration representing the Board.

    The UFF is a democracy, partly representative and partly participatory.  Terms of the officers and representatives are one year each; the four officers of the Executive Committee (the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) are elected each spring, and the committee Chairs (for the Bargaining, Communications, Grievance, and Services committees)  are appointed for one year terms.  ONLY UFF MEMBERS MAY STAND FOR ELECTION, OR VOTE IN CHAPTER ELECTIONS.  (On the other hand, all UFF USF employees, UFF members and non-members alike, are eligible to vote in contract ratification referenda.)

    For details on how the Chapter works, see our Constitution and Bylaws.

    We also have posted a video of our UNION 101 Townhall meeting on YouTube.

    We encourage all USF faculty and professionals to get involved

    One place to start is to visit our chapter meetings, which this fall are scheduled for alternate Fridays:

    • Sept. 7 (in EDU 214 at USF Tampa) & 21 (CPR 345 at USF Tampa),
    • Oct. 5 (Dav 236 at USFSP) & 19 (CPR 345 at USF Tampa),
    • Nov. 2 (TBD at USFSM) & 16 (CPR 345 at USF Tampa) & 30 (TBD at USF Tampa).
    Minutes of Past Meetings Are Posted Online

    The USF Chapter of the UFF is governed by elected officers, and is represented at meetings of affiliates by its elected representatives.

    UFF is affiliated with other organizations defending the rights of teachers.

    But ultimately, the Chapter is the UFF membership at USF. Our on-campus mailing address is United Faculty of Florida, 30238 USF Holly Dr., University of South Florida, Tampa FL 33620. You can send us an e-mail message by clicking here.