Draft agenda, chapter meeting
January 25, noon

LTB 1121 (the newest building on the Lakeland campus)
There are 3 buildings on USFL campus and a parking lot in front of each building. (LTB, LAC, LLC). Faculty and students can park in any of the lots as long as they have a USF tag. The new LTB building is easy to locate – has about 100 naked palm trees that were just planted in the front entrance. Parking lot is in front of the building.
(for a map and directions to the campus, click here)

  1. Amendments to / approval of agenda
  2. January 29 presidential preference primary and referendum (announcement)
  3. Chapter elections (announcement)
  4. State budget, USF budget
  5. Regional campus issues
  6. Restructuring discussion for UFF statewide
  7. Legal issues
  8. Voluntary System of Accountability
  9. Reports
  10. Other business
  11. For the good of the order
  12. Oxygen!