Meeting from 2 pm to 4 pm in EDU 150, chaired by P. Terry (Chapter President)

Present: R. Allander, C. Joszi, G. McColm, D. McMullen, G. Notaro, A. Novoa, S. Permuth, A. Shapiro, P. Terry, H. Vanden, R. Welker, S. Wohlmuth.

Absent: S. Dorn, M. Karlins, M. Manzur-Leiva, S. Mathur, J. Noonan, C. Patterson.

[13 of 18 present, sufficient for a quorum]

Organization. Discussion of the organization of UFF, following up on the discussion in the Chapter Meeting.

  • Motion that standing committee members, excluding chairs, may upon nomination by the committee chairs be presented to the Chapter Council electronically for approval. Without objection, motion approved.

USF-Poly. Discussion of latest developments.

  • Motion made and seconded to broadcast a Resolution on the UFF USF Biweekly Bargaining Unit + Additional Subscribers mailing list. Motion approved unanimously. The Resolution is below.


Whereas, the Florida Board of Governors has established criteria regarding enrollment, academic and other standards required for the University of South Florida Polytechnic to become an independent university;

Whereas, University of South Florida System President, Dr. Judy L. Genshaft, continues to support and implement the criteria established by the Florida Board of Governors regarding the USF Polytechnic;

Whereas, in her support and implementation of the Florida BOG criteria, President Genshaft continues to focus and adhere to the principles of shared faculty governance, primacy of student interests and needs; and the voice of the USF Polytechnic faculty;

Whereas, there appears to be unwarranted interference with her rights and responsibilities as President to lead the University of South Florida System and the University of South Florida Polytechnic campus;

Therefore, be it resolved that the United Faculty of Florida (UFF) University of South Florida System Chapter, through its Chapter Council commends and presents a unanimous vote of confidence in President Judy L. Genshaft for her actions and leadership regarding USF Polytechnic.

Voted & Approved

January 13, 2012

UFF USF System Chapter Council Meeting*

*The UFF USF System Chapter Council is composed of faculty and professionals elected across the System by the approximately 600 dues paying members of the chapter. The chapter represents approximately 1,600 faculty and professionals employed in the USF System.

These minutes respectfully submitted by Gregory McColm on 25 January 2012.