On Friday, October 11th, the USF faculty and professionals in the UFF USF Bargaining Unit voted in favor of ratifying the proposed UFF USF Collective Bargaining Agreement. The result was 98% in favor and 2% against.

The new contract is identical to the 2016 – 2019 Collective Bargaining Agreement except:

  • Merit Raises. All faculty and professionals in the UFF USF Bargaining Unit who were hired by 1 August 2018 and were rated at least satisfactory in the 2018 – 2019 performance evaluation will receive a 1.5 % raise.
  • Discretionary Raises. The Administration has the authority to distribute approximately $ 2 million at its discretion – e.g. for extraordinary accomplishments, equity, etc.; however, the Administration is not required to disburse these funds.
  • Duration of the Contract. The contract will run to December 31, 2020, by which point the UFF and the USF Administration should have bargained a successor contract.

Here is the Memorandum of Understanding enumerating the changes in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement to produce a new contract. This contract will come into force once ratified by the USF Board of Trustees. Bargaining on the successor to this new contract will start in January.