The UFF USF Election Committee counted the ballots on March 21st, and here are the candidates elected:

  • For President: Art Shapiro.
  • For Vice President: Steve Lang.
  • For Secretary: Greg McColm.
  • For Treasurer: Sonia Wohlmuth.
  • For Delegate to the FEA Assembly: Karin Braunsberger, Steve Lang, Richard Manning, Greg McColm, Arthur Shapiro. There remain two vacant seats, to be filled by the newly elected Chapter Council.
  • For Senator: Susan Ariew, Adrienne Berarducci, Lindsay Boggess, Karin Braunsberger, Pablo Brescia, Candace Burns, Cecil Greek, Leon Hardy, Steve W. Lang, Barbara Lewis, Richard Manning, Greg McColm, Vic Peppard, Steve Permuth, Patricia Pettijohn, Frank Pyrtle III, Debra Sinclair, Bob Welker, Sonia Ramírez Wohlmuth. The president also serves ex officio. John Liontas and Adriana Novoa are alternates.

Thanks go to all those who chose to run for office! Your service is very much appreciated.
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