Your UFF team knows you all are following the Florida legislative session closely, and yesterday the Florida Senate also passed Senate Bill 256 on the Senate floor, bringing the full passage of the bill into law much closer to completion. UFF expects this bill to be passed and signed into law before the conclusion of the legislative session at the end of April. Because of the bill your faculty rights are under existential threat because it says that if an “employee organization” (USF Chapter of UFF) has less than 60% of eligible in-unit faculty voluntarily electing to be dues-paying members, the employee organization will face decertification, which would render the UFF contract with administration null and void. The contract especially protects non-tenure earning faculty (librarians and instructors) making it harder to lay off and fire us at will, supporting us in grievances, etc. It also ensures our raises for next year and a lot of other rights we take for granted. If you are on the fence about joining UFF, now is the time to do it! To join, just fill out the online form or download it from this web page: If you have any questions about this or any other issue regarding UFF feel free to contact us at:…//