Our contract, the Collective Bargaining Agreement, is supposed to be succeeded by a new contract in the summer of 2019, and bargaining is underway. One of the top items is Article 23 on Salaries. In this issue, we look at salaries under the current contract, and what options we have in bargaining a new contract.

This is the contract between the USF faculty and professionals of the UFF USF Bargaining Unit (represented by the United Faculty of Florida) and the USF Board of Trustees (represented by the USF Administration, led by an private lawyer acting as the Board's Chief Negotiator). This is a contract that is to be agreed to by both sides, so just because the union puts a proposal on the table doesn't mean the Administration has to accept it. But we all would be better off with an equitable contract, so we bargain with that in mind.

Salaries and the Contract. Raises and bonuses are mandated (or, for one category of raises and bonuses, authorized) by the contract. The current contract provided for "merit" and discretionary raises, as well as promotional raises, but the details make all the difference. For some details,  click here. image credit