USF-UFF Chapter Meeting

There were nine people in attendance. There was no quorum for the Chapter Council.

The agenda was approved.

Dues Rebate.

  • Motion made and seconded. Effective October 1, 2009, any person who joins UFF and is eligible for the rebate program will receive the rebate at the end of the first full session or semester during which that person was a UFF member throughout. This policy sunsets in summer 2010. Motion approved unanimously..

Interpretive note: if the issue comes up, Summer Session C is regarded as a full session or semester.

New USF policy on FTEs in assignments.
Discussion of a new uniform policy announced by the Office of Academic Affairs. Discussion.

Hosted Programs at Regional Campuses.
Discussion of reports that programs may be moved from one campus to another.


  • Treasury: we are solvent.
  • Membership: discussion of activities to encourage membership.
  • Communications: discussion.
  • Faculty Senate. Discussion of the proposal for a global sustainability program.
  • Bargaining: the Chief Negotiator reported on our current status.
  • Grievances: report on recent developments.

These minutes respectfully submitted by G. McColm on October 25, 2009.