UFF/USF Chapter Meeting

November 30, 2007

In attendance
: L. McBrien, M. Klisch, R. Weatherford, J. Noonan, S. Dorn, B. Welker, S. Permuth, A. Shapiro, S. Wohlmuth, E. Odgaard, S. Wohlmuth, H. Hechiche, G. McColm, J. Martin.

Adoption of the Agenda: The agenda was adopted as distributed.
Travel Reimbursements:
S. Dorn wanted clarification of the starting date for travel reimbursements, and recommended that it be the beginning of the semester. There are a few people who have been traveling back and forth from the regional campuses on union business all semester who deserve the reimbursement. It was so moved, seconded, and passed. The travel reimbursement forms will be emailed to the fac-activism list.
Specific Concerns:
A December 13th meeting will address course loads, specifically clinical practice where, currently, one contact hour equals 10 hours of work. Ten hours of work is 25% of the work week, so this needs UFF attention.
Regional Campus Issues:
Apparently some new hires on regional campuses are not being informed of the approaching separate accreditation, and as they are learning of it, they are very unhappy. Research I is not applicable on these campuses and teaching loads will go up.
It also appears that regional campus faculty are not able to migrate to the Tampa campus. Openings in Tampa are not being filled by regional candidates who have applied. Information will be gathered from all the regional campuses.
S. Dorn will appoint a workgroup to address this issue, hold forums, and gather information. He will also ask the university to, in effect, ‘cease and desist’ and bargain these changes. Working with G. McColm, he intends to publicize these actions and he hopes to bring the issue before the Board of Trustees at the next meeting.
R. Weatherford, M. Klisch, L. McBrien, and E. Odgaard volunteered to get started with producing distinctively colored flyers, while a volunteer from Lakeland is being sought.
The agenda for the December 14, 10 a.m. consultation needs to be sent to administration by Friday, December 7th. Topics will be decided via the fac-activism list.
The bargaining team will meet this afternoon for what K. Glover has promised will be a ‘short session’.
The class size issue grievance had its Step II hearing this morning and should have a decision from the neutral umpire by the end of the week of December 14th. M. Klisch gave details of other, ongoing grievances.
G. McColm is looking for a new platform for the Biweekly, which came out yesterday. He is looking for anyone who is interested in writing. Next semester when he is on sabbatical, someone else will be writing and he will do the posting.
S. Wohlmuth announced that the chapter has money in the credit union account. She is still awaiting the fall rebate check. There is some loss in membership from retirements and she will check the numbers for confirmation.
Political Action:
Primary season is upon us. NEA cannot officially endorse a candidate until its Representative Assembly in late June/early July. AFT has endorsed Hillary Clinton. The property tax amendment: AFL/CIO and FEA oppose it and the Central Labor Council probably will, too.

Other Business:
There was discussion on departments that seem to have lost tenure-earning lines. Are these permanent losses or are they not? The chapter will be looking at those departments with high turnover.
Respectfully submitted by Jana Martin.