USF-UFF Chapter Meeting
In attendance.
Sherman Dorn, Mark Klisch, Jana Martin, Lynn McBrien, Greg McColm, Ed Mitchell, Steve Permuth, Arthur Shapiro, Paul Terry, Bob Welker, Sonya Wolmuth

Agenda & Introductions.
Agenda modified & approved.
Ed Mitchell is visiting us from the Tallahassee office.

  • UFF will launch an organizing campaign in fall. Among the events at USF will be a visit and lecture by Michael Berube.

Budget Cut News and Responses
We expect to receive layoff and possibly nonrenewal notices next week. Meanwhile, President Dorn reported that the BOT work group on the budget approved a $ 60 million carryover, and there may be an additional $ 40 million in unrestricted assets above last year’s $ 240 million. There was a discussion, including:

  • Staff are still being cut substantially.
  • Ed Mitchell informs us that the USF and UF chapters did a good job of publicizing the unrestricted assets of their respective universities, and that there are fewer anticipated layoffs as a result.
  • We are informed that USF St. Petersburg Library shut down its book acquisitions last fall.

Continuing to cover events.
Stipends for One-Time Tasks
Motion. To appropriate a $ 500 stipend to UFF member who has never done grievance work who completes grievance training and a short period of apprenticeship under the Grievance Chair. Motion approved.
Chief Negotiator Welker reports that the latest Administration proposal was a simple rejection of our proposal. Discussion.
Several grievances in movement, including one on the mandatory 3-day leave in December for 12-month employees. Another moving to step 2:
Motion. The Chapter authorizes the Chapter President to split the cost of a president’s representative in a Step 2 hearing, provided the cost is less than $ 400. Motion approved.
We have money.
Posting of Salaries.
There was follow up on the prior meeting’s discussion of issues tied to the posting of salaries on the UFF website.
Good of the Order.
Ed Mitchell reports that GAU has concluded bargaining with USF, and that among other things GAU won 85 % health coverage for 0.5 FTE GAs and 65 % coverage for 0.25 FTE GAs. He reports that the Administration team was more respectful of the GAU team when there was an audience, and that faculty attendance was particularly helpful.
These minutes respectfully submitted by G. McColm on June 1, 2008.