USF-UFF Chapter Meeting

There were ten people in attendance, including eight of the Chapter Council, insufficient for a quorum of the Council.

This meeting is to consist of a discussion of the legislative situation.

The Legislative Session.
In addition to the budget, there are two items of great concern now before the legislature:

  • HB 1543 and SB 1902 would increase employee liabilities and reduce employee benefits as participants in the Florida Retirement System. It would also affect Optional Retirement Plan participants.
  • SB 6 would impose terms and conditions of employment upon school districts across the state, these being to make teachers more subject to administrative caprice and background noise of student assessments. It would also impose considerable burdens on the colleges of education.

Discussion of efforts to show legislators the dangers of these bills, including virtual Rally in Tally on Thursday, March 25.


  • Communications: There will be an Extra on March 24 on Rally in Tally; discussion of upcoming Uncommon Sense.
  • Grievances: Discussion of a recently resolved grievance.
  • Treasury: We are solvent.
  • Services: Preparing for fall.
  • President’s Report: Instructor track MOU ratified by faculty but not yet by BOT.

Good of Order.
Problems with the tenure process.

These minutes respectfully submitted by G. McColm on March 20, 2010.