USF-UFF Chapter Meeting

Attendance. There were twelve members in attendance, including ten members of the Chapter Council, sufficient for a quorum.

Minutes. Minutes of the May 20 meeting approved.

President’s report. Major issues outlined.

Grievances. Discussion of outstanding grievances. There will be grievance training for the new committee on June 20.

Membership. Discussion of campaign status; UFF will be present at the New Faculty Orientation on August 11.

Bargaining. Two major issues.

  • Summer pay for thesis and dissertation directors. UFF USF Chapter President Paul Terry has signed an MOU on implementing the contractual language during this summer.
  • Merit pay. Discussion of proposed language for an MOU on implementing the contractual language on merit pay.

Treasury. We are solvent.

Communications. Discussion of website.

Koch Institute donation to FSU. Several public statements have been made, by UFF, affiliates and allies.

Effects of new legislation. Discussion of public forums.

These minutes respectfully submitted by G. McColm on June 4, 2011.