USF-UFF Chapter Meeting at St. Petersburg

Agenda & Introductions.
Ten members were in attendance, with three visitors.

Minutes approved.

The chapter continues to get new members.

USF St. Petersburg.
The chapter discussed particular concerns of St. Petersburg.

Constitution & Bylaws.
Discussion of the Constitution & Bylaws. This will be on the agenda of the meeting on July 17.

State Funding.
Discussion of the implications of using stimulus funding to support employees.

English Language Institute.
Discussion of USF’s discussions with the INTO company on June 16.

  • Motion that the President of the Chapter request that he present the issue to the Senate Executive Committee. Motion made, seconded, and approved.

The next Senate Executive Committee meeting will be on July 1 at 3 pm in SVC 5012.


  • Bargaining. The Chief Negotiator described the situation.
  • Grievances. Grievances besides those originating from St. Petersburg.

Good of the Order.
We are organizing a reception in fall.

These minutes respectfully submitted by G. McColm on June 19, 2009.