USF-UFF Chapter Meeting

July 25, 2008


There were 12 people in attendance.

Agenda & Introductions
Agenda was approved and introductions made.


  • There will be a presentation to new faculty.
  • The 3-for-3 program appears to be working.

Last session, the Administration gave us ten proposals; Administration has told UFF-USF that it will give us a new salary proposal at today’s bargaining session.

Details confidential, but…

  • Successes: one employee layoff rescinded; Chapter grievance on layoff notice resolved in our favor; one employee evaluation overturned; one employee grievance on academic freedom.
  • Proceeding to Step 2: one grievance on non-reappointment; individual and Chapter grievances on mandatory annual leave, multiple individual grievances and Chapter grievance on academic reorganization.

Next Chapter Meeting.
The next chapter meeting will be on August 22 at a location TBA.

Lines are being moved out of unit in the reorganization.

  • Chairs are being moved in the reorganization, one into the unit and four out of unit.
  • Instructors are being moved out of unit.
    Discussion on how to proceed.

    Survey on Regional Campuses.
    President Dorn gave a progress report on the survey.

    Relationship with the Faculty Senate.
    Discussion on developing a relationship with the incoming Senate.

    Meeting adjourned.
    These minutes respectfully submitted by Mark Klisch on August 3, 2008.