USF-UFF Chapter Meeting
July 11, 2008

There were 18 people in attendance.
Agenda & Introductions.
Agenda approved and introductions made.
Reorganization Grievance.
The Grievance Chair, Mark Klisch, presented a Grievance asserting that the proposed reorganization of the College of Arts and Sciences and other colleges was implemented in violation of the principles of shared governance, and presents as a remedy that the reorganization be reversed and (if the administration desires a reorganization) that any reorganization plan go through proper procedures. The grievance would be filed on behalf of several faculty present who would be affected by the reorganization.

  • Motion by S. Permuth, seconded by R. Welker: That the Chapter endorses the Grievance and that the Chapter file a grievance on this issue if advised that it may do so. Further, that this grievance shall be announced in a Biweekly Extra. Motion passed unanimously.

Discussion of a presentation to the faculty senate executive committee this morning led to a discussion of the decision-making practice of the administration, and the consequences of the haste of the reorganization.

  • Motion by S. Permuth, seconded by A. Shapiro: That UFF/USF Chapter President S. Dorn contact AAUP President Cary Nelson to request that the AAUP conduct an investigation of the implementation of the reorganization. Motion passed unanimously.

And in a related matter:

  • Motion by M. Klisch, seconded by R. Welker: That UFF invite a particular person to join the union. Motion passed unanimously.


  • Report on GAU Bargaining at USF.
    Ed Mitchell of the state office reports that the USF Administration is offering GAs in 0.25-FTE positions the chance to serve as adjuncts. We understand that students are attracted to USF with offers of 0.5-FTE positions, and then are reduced to 0.25-FTE positions – with lower benefits – and then offered adjunct positions (with no benefits).
  • Report on UFF/USF Bargaining.
    UFF Chief Negotiator R. Welker reports that a hearing officer for PERC has filed an adverse ruling on UFF’s Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) complaint that the FSU Administration illegally distributed discretionary raises after the end of the prior contract. UFF has filed an exception and will contest the point.
  • Report Grievances.
    Chapter Grievance Chair Mark Klisch reported progress on four grievances.

Meeting Adjourned.
These minutes respectfully submitted by G. McColm on July 13, 2007.