USF-UFF Chapter Meeting

There were eight people in attendance. There was not a quorum for the Chapter Council.

The minutes for November 20 were approved.

Election Committee.
Steve Tauber will chair an election committee, and Lynn McBrien will be a member. Other members may be appointed.

We have new members.

  • There is a bureaucratic problem with some job classifications in the unit, and we will address these.

Meetings in January.
The Chapter will meet on January 8 and 22, and during January we will set a schedule for the rest of the semester.

Union Solidarity.
We have requests from two fellow unions for support and assistance.

  • The Chapter will send a letter of support for an organizing campaign by the American Federation of Government Employees, for their efforts to organize TSA officers.

Referenda on Governance Documents.
The votes on the Constitution and Bylaws amendments were tabulated:

  • Nearly 98 % of the votes cast supported so amending the constitution.
  • Nearly 98 % of the votes cast supported so amending the bylaws.

Effective immediately, the constitution and bylaws are so amended.


  • Treasury. We have money.
  • Communications. The website and electronic communications are under revision.
  • Grievances. The Winter Break moratorium will continue to February 2, unless a pressing matter arises.
  • Bargaining. Discussion of ongoing bargaining.

These minutes respectfully submitted by G. McColm on December 5, 2009.