In attendance: S. Courant, S. Dorn, M. Klisch, L. McBrien, G. McColm, J. Noonan, E. Odgaard, K. de la Pena McCook, A. Shapiro, C. Steele, P. Terry, R. Welker, K. White, S. Wohlmuth

As part of the organizing campaign this fall, there will be several events during the week of September 22.
Motion that the Chapter invite and pay for a visit by Michael Berube during the week of September 22. Motion seconded and approved.
Announcements & Consultation Topics
Discussion of status of Unfair Labor Practice complaint on discretionary raises.
Discussion of sabbaticals: last year, there were 23 full-pay sabbatical applications and 14 slots. And not enough applied for full year 2/3-pay for those having 12 years here. We should publicize the 2/3-pay sabbatical more.
Integrated Technology & Related Topics
Discussion of administrative push to integrate St. Petersburg IT with Tampa IT.
Discussion of legislative proposal to cap IT fees paid by students, and of proper allocation of resulting funds.
Discussion of workload: administrative moves to increase class size extends into distance learning classes. Currently, several classes have over 75 students, and no support for teaching faculty. In addition, there are complications in conducting course evaluations.
Discussion of faculty governance and the reorganization.
Next Meeting on May 2 we will meet at CDBs at 51st & FowlerBargaining
The Chief Negotiator outlined some issues that may come up in bargaining.
Issues raised by five grievances discussed, including (1) inequitable summer assignments, (2) candidate for promotion not being given criteria for promotion, and (3) introduction of material into a tenure application file without the knowledge of the applicant.
Respectfully submitted by Greg McColm on April 27, 2008.