USF-UFF Chapter Meeting

Attendance & Introductions. There were twelve members in attendance, including seven members of the Chapter Council, insufficient for a quorum. There was also a guest.

Minutes of the previous meeting approved.


  • Treasury. We are solvent.
  • Communications. Update on status of Biweekly.
  • Bargaining. Discussion of the status of the contract.
  • Membership. We need more faculty involvement. Discussion of the spring recruitment drive.
  • Grievances. Discussion of the status outstanding grievances.

USF Polytechnic. Motion presented and modified on the floor.

  • >The following motion was made, seconded, and approved.
    • Whereas, the State of Florida faces a looming budget shortfall of nearly two billion dollars.
    • Whereas, a petition of 214 prominent citizens of Polk County have petitioned to delay, for at least a year, a vote on the separation of USF Polytechnic from the USF System.
    • Whereas, the University of South Florida Polytechnic Faculty Senate has informed the Board of Governors of the State of Florida that: “We, the duly elected USF Polytechnic Faculty Senators, respectfully request that that the Board of Governors of the State University System vote at this time to deny a separation of USF Polytechnic from the USF System.”
    • Whereas, a vote of the USF Polytechnic student body illustrated some 85% in opposition to the separation and the University of South Florida Student Senate (representing all students) has adopted a resolution in opposition to the disjunction of the USF Polytechnic campus.
    • Whereas, there are major concerns that have not been satisfactorily answered regarding: the funding, the “new” business plan, State Senators calling for an audit, direct and indirect potential negative financial impact for taxpayers and public universities and colleges.
    • Whereas, fundamental issues of accreditation of a separate Polytechnic on students and institutions have not been resolved, where the essential need through shared governance and full and substantive consultation with faculty on the USF Polytechnic campus, before a proposal to separate was announced, has not occurred, where the issue of faculty contractual rights have not been discussed to clearly identify the place and role of faculty under a “new” structure.
    • Whereas “projections” of future enrollment belie historic trends, where Polytechnic has had but one (1) engineering graduate, where there are already two major universities (USF and UCF) within 30 miles of Lakeland with outstanding engineering and mathematics programs.
    • Therefore, be it resolved by the University of South Florida System Chapter of the United Faculty of Florida (UFF USF), which represents the contractual rights of faculty to the wages, hours and terms and conditions of employment, urges the Board of Governors to act in concert with the recommendation of the 214 prominent citizens noted above which states that:
    • “… the Board of Governors of the State University System vote to delay a vote on the separation of USF Polytechnic from USF for at least a year and that in the interim the University System conduct a thorough, objective, public, fact-based analysis of the issues and impacts to support a rational future decision that is best for both schools and all concerned parties.
    • We feel that the issue of separation is being politically driven and is not in the best interests of education for our country and region.

UFF PAC. The UFF PAC is seeking funds. Discussion.

NAACP Hillsborough.

  • Motion made and seconded that the Chapter purchase a $ 50 ticket for the December 15 NAACP Banquet and send a representative.

These minutes respectfully resubmitted by G. McColm on 5 November 2011.