Time and place. This meeting was conducted at 12 noon on Zoom.

Attendance. Seventeen members, including eleven members of the Council, and one staff member and six guests.

President’s Report & Essential Issues.

  • Possible layoffs and furloughs. Discussion.
  • Title IX training. Discussion.
  • Consolidation. Discussion.
  • MOU. Discussion.
  • Diversity. Discussion.
  • Enrollment. Up 1 %, but not evenly across all campuses.
  • Survey. We will conduct a survey on how faculty are doing this fall.

New Business.

Committee Reports.

  • Grievances. USFSP continues to generate grievances.
  • Membership. We are conducting a recruiting campaign with the assistance of the NEA.
  • Treasury. The following budget for the coming fiscal year was presented to the Chapter:
    • Items Summary of Expenses
      Fiscal Year 2019-20
      Proposed Budget
      Fiscal Year 2020-21
      (increase in the event of a new contract)
      7,280.32 15,000
      Recruitment 10,098.29 12,000
      Meetings 7,647.65 6,000
      (includes travel scholarships)
      7,287.75 10,000
      Clerical Support 560 3,000
      (includes web design)
      949.69 3,000
      Postal Services
      (includes mailing new contract)
      199.01 1,000
      Misc/supplies 732.64 5,750
      Bank fees 30 30
      TOTAL 34,785.17 55,780

    Motion to approve the budget passed.

  • Bargaining. Nothing to report.
  • Government Relations. The West Central Florida Federation of Labor has asked for volunteers to man phone banks for the fall election. Anyone interested should contact the Government Relations Chair.

These minutes respectfully submitted on 6 September 2020.