USF-UFF Chapter Meeting

Time & Place. The Chapter Meeting was held at 12 noon in LTB 2155 on USF Polytechnic.

Attendance & Introductions. There were 17 members, including six council members, and numerous guests, including USF faculty and administrators, and journalists from Bay News 9, The Lakeland Ledger, and WTSP TV-10.

President’s report. Discussion of USF Poly situation, with Q & A with Regional Vice Chancellor Jim Payne.


  • Treasury. We are solvent.
  • Communications. Members should consider running in the current election.
  • PAC Report. Call for donations.
  • Grievances. Several grievances outstanding.
  • Bargaining. Discussion of bargaining situation.

New Business.

  • USF Poly. Further discussion of legislation just passed by the Florida Senate.
  • Condolences. The USF Chapter of the UFF extends its deepest sympathies to Provost Ralph Wilcox and his family for their loss.
    • Motion made and seconded that the Chapter donate $ 250 to the Barbara Wilcox Memorial Fund. Motion approved.

These minutes respectfully submitted by G. McColm on 25 February 2012.