USF-UFF Chapter Meeting

Time & Place. The Chapter Meeting was held at 12 noon in room B333 on USF Sarasota / Manatee.

Attendance & Introductions. Fifteen members, including six members of the Chapter Council.

Discussion of USF Sarasota / Manatee affairs, and the purpose of ombudsmen.

Minutes of the previous meeting. Approved.

President’s Report. Paul Terry continues to recover. Discussion of grievance proceedings at USFSM. Discussion of a cast at USFSM.

Committee Reports.

  • Elections Committee. The site is open for nominations; deadline March 7.
  • Grievances. Discussion of ongoing cases.
  • Membership. Discussion of the membership campaign.
  • Treasury. We are solvent.
  • Bargaining. Discussion of the situation.

The next Chapter Meeting will be on Friday, March 7, at 12 noon, on USF Tampa, in EDU 316. The Chapter Council will meet on Friday, March 7, at 11 am.

These minutes respectfully submitted by G. McColm on 2 March 2014.