USF-UFF Chapter Meeting

Time & Place. 12 noon at the CDB Restaurant at 3104 E. Fowler Ave.

Minutes. Minutes of the June 21 meeting approved.

Attendance. Eight UFF members, including seven members of the Council, the grievance secretary, and three guests.

President’s Report.

  • Instructor Promotion. Prospects for Instructor Promotion Guidelines.
  • President Currall. President Currall has visited all campuses.
  • Rays Game. UFF sponsored an event at the Rays game.

New Business.

  • Request for a survey on bullying and harassment of women. Discussion.
  • Consolidation. It is not clear if the Legislature, the BoG, USF, and SACS are on the same page about what a “branch campus” is.
  • Summer Activities.
    • The New Faculty Orientation is on Monday, August 12, and UFF will have a table at the Exposition from 11:30 am to 1:15.
    • UFF is sponsoring a Tailgate Party at the August 30 game between the USF Bulls and the Wisconsin Badgers.
      • Motion made and seconded that the Organizer of the Tailgate Party shall purchase twenty tickets for new faculty and UFF members, to be provided to those who ask on a first come, first serve basis. Motion approved.
  • Chapter meetings. July 26 will be the last chapter meeting of the summer, to be at CDB Restaurant at noon.
    • Motion made and seconded that this fall the Chapter shall meet at noon on August 30, September 13 & 27, October 11 & 25, November 8 & 22, and December 6. Motion approved. The Secretary shall make arrangements accordingly.


  • Collective Bargaining. Discussion of items for bargaining.
  • Grievances. Discussion of outstanding grievances.
  • Treasury. We are solvent.

These minutes respectfully submitted by G. McColm on 14 July 2019.