Time and place. This meeting was conducted at 12 noon on Zoom.

Attendance. Nineteen members, including eleven members of the Council, and one staff member and two guests.

Minutes. Minutes for the 28 August and 7 August chapter meetings approved.

President’s Report & Essential Issues.

  • Local State of the Pandemic. Discussion.
  • Consolidation. Discussion.
  • Consolidation. Discussion.
  • The MOU. Discussion.
  • Diversity. Discussion of dissolution of the CAS Diversity Committee, and reports from The Oracle and The Tampa Bay Times.
  • Enrollment. Up 1 %, but not evenly across all campuses.
  • Financial Issues. The 2019 Florida Auditor-General’s report on USF on p. 34 indicates a raw “unrestricted net position” of $ 494 million with expected liability to that account of $ 706 million, leaving a liability of $ $ 218 million. Discussion.
    • Motion made and seconded that the USF Chapter of the UFF hire someone for up to $ 5,000 to conduct an audit to determine USF’s financial position. Motion approved.

New Business.

  • Survey of Faculty Attitudes During Fall. Preliminary report. Discussion.
  • College of Business. The College has posted a list of journals and requires publication in these journals. Discussion.
  • Lauren Byers. Ms. Byers is the UFF state staff person assigned to USF, and her grandmother just died after an illness.
  • New Faculty Handbook. The Chapter is reviewing a draft of a new faculty handbook.
  • New Website. Update and discussion.

Committee Reports.

  • Grievances. Discussion.
  • Membership. Discussion.
  • Treasury. We are solvent.
  • Tenure and Promotion Workshops. An Extra will be sent out shortly.

Motion to approve the budget passed.

  • Bargaining. Nothing to report.

    These minutes respectfully submitted on 13 September 2020.