Over the past 2 years, the DeSantis administration has restricted the teaching of critical history studies, banned diversity, equity, and inclusion policies, imposed surveys of students’ and professors’ political beliefs, taken over the Florida Board of Governors of the university system, hidden identities of university President candidates so they can’t be vetted by the public, ignored tenure review policies to mandate tenure for the Governor’s political appointees, canceled Florida universities’ relationship with their accrediting agency, and reformed tenure policies to make employment less secure for faculty. On MidPoint, we talked about how this affects the quality of education, the reputation of Florida schools, and the effect on teaching with our guests, USF History Prof. Brian Connelly, who is a member of the USF Faculty Senate, and Education Prof. Steve Lang, Pres. of United Faculty of Florida’s USF Chapter, a faculty union. See: https://www.wmnf.org/academic-freedom-is-under-attack-in-florida/