Yes, You Can Make a Difference!

America has always relied on volunteers to change the world. From George Washington to Susan B. Anthony to Martin Luther King, Jr., Americans got involved. That, claimed Alexis de Tocqueville, is what made American democracy work.

And active volunteers can make USF work. That means you. [Adapt picture below to say, “We want YOU for Your Union”:]

Your union, your university, your colleagues, need your help with:

  • Communications. We need volunteers to share information from the union leadership to union members and carry information from union members to the union leadership.
  • Educating Politicians. We need volunteers to talk to legislators and politicians about the needs of higher education – and the importance of not using higher education as stage props in political theatre.
  • Grievances. We need volunteers to help with grievances filed by union members whose contractual rights have been violated.
  • etc.

To get involved, contact …