I’m sticking with my union

On May 9, Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill that outlaws payment of union dues by paycheck dues deduction and requires that in order for a union to represent employees in bargaining and enforcing a contract, at least 60% of the employees it represents must be dues-paying members.

This poses an existential threat to the union – and would take away the strongest defense that faculty have.

  • Without a union, the Board of Trustees could impose whatever contract they like.
  • Without a union, the grievance process would be whatever the Board wants it to be.
  • Without a union, each faculty member is on their own.

That’s why USF faculty members are saying:

I'm sticking with MY union   I'm sticking with MY union   I'm sticking with MY union   I'm sticking with MY union

We ask every union member to sign up for electronic dues deduction today!

Electronic dues deduction works like a recurring check: once you set it up, every two weeks, your bank would send your dues payment to the digital finance company we have engaged.  Many people pay utility bills this way.  Many people deposit money to investment firms this way.  Many people cover their credit cards this way.  This has become a standard banking practice.

Every union member should have received an email from the Florida Education Association, return address centralmembershipsystem@floridaea.org, subject line I’m sticking with my union – eDues Payment Summary.  This email has your personalized link for setting up payment by eDues.

And here are additional instructions.  And if you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.