USF-UFF Chapter Council

Time & Place. The Council Meeting was held at 11:00 noon in room EDU 316 on USF Tampa.

Attendance & Introductions. Fourteen members attending, and two guests.

Paul Terry. Former UFF USF Chapter President Paul Terry plans to come to Tampa shortly. He later joins the meeting.

Finances. The Council can develop a budget.

  • Motion made and seconded to handle account online, electronically. Motion passes.
  • Budget Committee: Senators Belgrad, Lang and Wohlmuth.

Discussion: at next Chapter Meeting, adopt a 2015 budget.
Political Issues and Recruitment. UFF Executive Director Mitchell recommends a recruitment campaign, with emphasis on politics of higher education in Florida. Mitchell notes education and public sector cutbacks together with deterioration of education staffing. Recommendation for making contributions to PAC.

Constitutional Revision Committee. Deferred to the next meeting.

Next Meeting. The Council shall meet on Friday, May 2, at 11 am.

Grievances. Discussion of outstanding grievances at regional campuses.

These minutes respectfully submitted by G. McColm on 8 April 2014.