USF-UFF Chapter Council

Time & Place. The Council Meeting was held at 11:00 noon in room EDU 316 on USF Tampa.

Attendance & Introductions. Twelve members attending.

Facebook Page. Proposal for a UFF USF Facebook page, posting by approved UFF members only, moderated, with a disclaimer, but open for all browsers to read. Discussion.

  • Motion made and seconded that UFF USF will post and maintain a Facebook page as proposed. Motion passes.

Grievances. President Shapiro nominates Dan Belgrad as Grievance Chair. Nomination confirmed.

  • Nomination and confirmation of Grievance Committee members to be conducted electronically.
  • [Added on May 10] On May 5, the Chair of the Committee nominates Andrew Berish, Rebecca Burns, Linda (Christa) Fowler, Cecil Greek, William Lang, Vic Peppard, Steve Permuth, and Sonia Wohlmuth to the committee. On May 10, with a majority of the Council voting in favor, nominations are confirmed.

Bargaining. President Shapiro nominates Bob Welker as Bargaining Chair and Chief Negotiator. Nomination confirmed.

  • The Chair of the Committee nominates Ekaterina Annaraud, Adrienne Berarducci, Steve Lang, Frank Pyrtle III, and Steve Permuth to the committee. Nominations are confirmed.

Communications. President Shapiro nominates Greg McColm as Communications Chair. Nomination confirmed.

  • The Chair of the Committee nominates Jill Brasky and Steve Lang to the committee. Nominations are confirmed.

Service / Membership. The chairmanship of the Services Committee is deferred.

Budget. The chapter has financial resources to support recruiting and other activities during the coming academic year.

  • Motion made and seconded that an ad hoc committee be appointed to develop a plan to make the current office, NEC 116, into a hospitable place to have meetings in and to meet faculty. In addition, the committee will explore communications and telecommunications in that office. Motion passes.
  • The ad hoc committee will be chaired by Adrienne Berarducci. The other members are Barbara Loeding, Steve Permuth, and Bob Welker.

Schedule of Chapter Meetings. The following schedules were moved, seconded, and approved.

  • The Chapter shall meet at CDB Restaurant during the summer on May 16 & 30, June 13 & 27, July 11 & 25, and August 8 & 22. We will meet at one of those times in USFSP.
  • The Chapter shall meet at locations TBD on Sept. 5 & 19, Oct. 3, 17 & 31, Nov. 14, and Dec. 5 and possibly the 19. One meeting shall be in USFSM and one shall be in USFSP and the remainder in USFT.

Grievances. Discussion.

These minutes respectfully submitted by G. McColm on 10 May 2014.