USF-UFF Chapter Council

Time & Place. The Council Meeting was held at 11:00 am at CDB Restaurant at 51st & Fowler.

Attendance & Introductions. Ten senators attending.

State of the Union. The president’s report will go out in the Biweekly and a flyer in outline form.

Functions of the Council.

  • Grievance Committee.
    • Nomination of Sara Dykins Callahan to the Committee. Nomination confirmed.
  • Service / Membership Committee.
    • Nomination of Jill Brasky as co-chair the Committee. Nomination confirmed.
  • Chapter Council schedule. The Chapter Council will meet on November 14, January 23, March 4, and May 1.
  • Chapter schedule. The Chapter will meet on October 3 in USFSM, October 17 in USFSP, and November 14 and December 5 in USFT.
  • Constitutional Revision. Text to be adjusted and sent to the Council.
  • Grievance Report. Discussion of outstanding grievances.

These minutes respectfully submitted by G. McColm on 23 September 2014.