USF-UFF Council Meeting

Time & Place. The Council Meeting was held 12 noon on Zoom.

Attendance. Twelve of the thirteen members were present.

Status quo. The following are the appointed officers of the Chapter:

  • Bob Welker is Chair of the Bargaining Committee.
  • Gregory McColm is Chair of the Publicity Committee.

Nominations by the President.

  • The nominations of Susan Ariew, Frank Pyrtle III, and Patricia Pettijohn as senators (and therefore members of the Council) were confirmed. Note: there are still four more vacancies to fill.
  • The nomination of Karin Braunsberger as Chair of the Grievance Committee was confirmed.

Nominations by Committee Chairs.

  • The Bargaining Chair’s nominations of Susan Ariew, Steve Lang, Barbara Lewis, Steve Permuth, Frank Pyrtle III, Debra Sinclair, Sharon Stone, and Sonia Wohlmuth to the Bargaining Committee were confirmed.
  • The Grievance Chair’s nominations of Susan Ariew, Cecil Greek, Steve Lang, Barbara Lewis, Cynthia Patterson, Vic Peppard, Steve Permuth, Josh Rayman, Debra Sinclair, Sandra Stone, and Bob Welker were confirmed.

These minutes respectfully submitted by G. McColm on 26 April 2020.