Time and place. This meeting was conducted at 12 noon on Zoom.

Attendance. Twenty members attending, including eleven members of the Council.

Minutes. Minutes for the March 26 meeting were approved.

President’s Report & Essential Issues.

  • Chapter Election. The Chapter conducted its annual election, with the following results:
    • For president: Arthur Shapiro, 121 votes.
    • For vice president: Steve W. Lang, 121 votes.
    • For secretary: Greg McColm, 124 votes.
    • For treasurer: Sonia Ramírez Wohlmuth, 125 votes.
    • For FEA Delegate (UFF USF is allocated ten seats):
      • Steve W. Lang, 112 votes.
      • Richard Manning, 108 votes.
      • Greg McColm, 115 votes.
      • Steve Permuth, 115 votes.
      • Arthur Shapiro, 116 votes.

      Five more delegates are to be selected.

    • For UFF Senator (UFF is allocated twenty seats, but the chapter president serves ex officio):
      • Katherine Alfredo, 88 votes.
      • Karin Braunsberger, 91 votes.
      • Leon Hardy, 78 votes.
      • Steve W. Lang, 99 votes.
      • John Lennon, 86 votes.
      • Barbara Lewis, 95 votes.
      • Richard Manning, 91 votes.
      • Greg McColm, 103 votes.
      • LaSonya Moore, 93 votes.
      • Kerry Myers, 89 votes.
      • Fawn Ngo, 96 votes.
      • Cynthia Patterson, 99 votes.
      • Vic Peppard, 97 votes.
      • Steve Permuth, 102 votes.
      • Frank Pyrtle III, 77 votes.
      • Steve Reader, 74 votes.
      • Debra Sinclair, 96 votes.
      • Brian Turnbull, 89 votes.
      • Bob Welker, 92 votes.
      • Sonia Ramírez Wohlmuth, 100 votes.

      Alfredo, Braunsberger, Hardy, Lang, Lennon, Lewis, Manning, McColm, Moore, Myers, Ngo, Patterson, Peppard, Permuth, Pyrtle, Sinclair, Turnbull, Welker, and Wohlmuth are elected to the Senate, and Reader is an alternate.

  • State Election. Andrew Gothard of FAU was elected president. Elected from USF:
    • UFF/FEA delegates to the American Federation of Teachers: Gregory McColm and Steve Permuth.
    • UFF delegates to the 2022 Convention of the American Federation of Teachers: Greg McColm and Steve Permuth
  • Survey. UFF USF is conducting a survey on faculty attitudes towards reopening in fall. The Chapter will send post cards to all UFF USF employees asking them to fill out the survey.

New Business.

  • Salary Equity Across Campuses. Discussion.
  • Report on the Visit to Tallahassee. FEA called for members to come to Tallahassee to speak to the Senate Rules Committee regarding SB 1014, which was then on the agenda. After being informed that about forty FEA members were prepared to speak, the bill was removed from the agenda. The bill may come up next week.
  • College of Education Survey. What was advertised as a climate survey has some intrusive questions. Discussion.
  • Social Opportunities. We are exploring the possibility of a tent at one of the games this fall.
  • T & P Workshop. Scheduled for May 14.
  • Job Titles. The Administration is preparing for a new array of job titles, adjusting or replacing the current ones. Discussion.
  • Faculty Senate News. The Council for Faculty Issues is conducting an Instructor Faculty Survey.
  • Consolidation. SACS will visit in June.

Committee Reports.

  • Grievances. Discussion.
  • Collective Bargaining. We are informed that the Administration is waiting to see the outcome of the current legislative session.
  • Membership. If SB 1014 passes, then UFF USF must achieve 50 % density by fall or lose certification.

These minutes were respectfully submitted on 9 April 2021.