Time and place. The meeting was conducted at 12 noon on USF Tampa in EDU415 and on Zoom.

Attendance. Eighteen UFF members.

Minutes. Minutes of the 24 March 2023 meeting approved.

President’s Report.

  • EDues. eDues are being rolled next week.
  • Post Tenure Review. The USF Administration anticipates instituting a system that will review 20% of all tenured faculty annually.
  • Legislative Session. In view of pending legislation, discussion of the role the provost may play in handling departments (and their faculty) that may be defunded by the legislature, and in barring guns from campus. There is still time to contact legislators.
  • Election. Ballots due on April 5, and will be counted April 7. We are seeking volunteers to fill vacant Senate and Assembly seats after the election.


  • Collective Bargaining. Discussion of the effect of decertification on the CBA.
  • 2023 Chapter Election. Of 81 votes cast, here are the tallies
    • For offices:
      • For Steve Lang for president: 73 votes.
      • For Arthur Shapiro for vice president: 71 votes.
      • For Greg McColm for secretary: 78 votes.
      • For Sonia Ramirez Wohlmuth for treasurer: 68 votes.
    • For FEA delegate:
      • For Greg McColm: 70 votes.
      • For Scott Perry: 69 votes.
      • For Geveryl Robinson: 65 votes.
    • For UFF senator:
      • For Greg McColm: 60 votes.
      • For Scott Perry: 57 votes.
      • For Geveryl Robinson: 62 votes.
      • For Brian Turnbull: 70 votes.
      • For Sonia Ramirez Wohlmuth: 66 votes.
      • (Steve Lang serves ex officio.)

The Council, which consists of the senators, shall fill vacant delegate and senate seats.

These minutes were respectfully submitted on 9 April 2023.