Time and place. This meeting was conducted at 12 noon on Zoom.

Fifteen members, including eight members of the Council, and one guest.

Minutes. Minutes for the October 22 meeting were approved.

President’s Report & Essential Issues.

  • A Statement by the UFF USF Chapter on UF and Academic Freedom.
  • COVID 19 Infection Report. At the moment, it is receding.
  • Disinformation. Several deans have told college faculty that UFF is dragging its heels in negotiations.

New Business.

  • USF Budget Analysis. We are working on it.


  • Collective Bargaining. Discussion.
  • Government Relations. Discussion of a bill apparently addressing Critical Race Theory and the possibility of a bill addressing post tenure review. And we may have a workshop in spring.
  • Treasury. We are solvent.

These minutes were respectfully submitted on 14 November 2021.