Time and place. The meeting was conducted at 12 noon on USF Tampa in EDU261 and on Zoom.

Attendance. Twenty-one UFF members, one staff member, and one guest

Minutes. Minutes of the 21 October 2022 meeting approved.

President’s Report.

  • Get Out the Vote. As of this meeting, 3,300 eligible UFF member have asked for mail ballots but have not turned them in.

New Business

  • Upcoming BOG Meeting. Post tenure review is on the agenda, and has already acquired many institutional comments.
  • Survey. UFF has sent out a survey to faculty.
  • Tenure Task Force. The task force is starting.
  • Business from the Floor. UFF representatives to colleges, USF money for travel and professional expenses, parking, new member rebates.


  • Grievances. There are two cases going to arbitration; problems with public records requests. Discussion of other grievances.
  • Membership. USF had the highest net growth of all chapters.
  • Get Out the Vote. Discussion.
  • Treasury. We are solvent.
  • Collective Bargaining. Legal problems with the proposed post tenure review regulation.

These minutes were respectfully submitted on 14 November 2022.