Time and place. The meeting was conducted at 12 noon on USF Tampa in the EDU 161 and on Zoom.

Attendance. Sixteen UFF members and one staff member.

Minutes. July 14 minutes approved.

President’s Report.

  • Post Tenure Review. The Administration informed the Faculty Senate Executive Committee that it will select 20% of the faculty for post tenure review.
  • eDues Report. We continue to sign members up for eDues.
  • SB 266 The General Counsel issued a Faculty Guidance on SB 266.
  • UFF Senate Meeting. The UFF Senate will meet in September.

New Business

  • Office. GAU would like us to remove our filing cabinets from their office.


  • Grievances. Administrators are invading faculty governance in a number of colleges.
  • Publicity. Discussion of townhall and podcasts.
  • Treasury. We are solvent.

These minutes were respectfully submitted on 7 August 2023.