Time and place. This meeting was conducted at 12 noon on Zoom.

Minutes. Minutes for the September 10 meeting were approved.

President’s Report & Essential Issues.

  • Statement on the Presidential Search. The Executive Committee shall broadcast and advertise the statement mandated in the last chapter meeting.
  • The Union 101 Video. The video is posted and will be used for recruitment.
  • Modality of meetings. The meetings will be online this semester
  • Hardcopy Newsletter. One issue will come out this fall.
  • COVID report. Booster shots are available.
  • Welcome Letter to President Law. Letter was sent.

New Business.

  • Membership list reconciliation. The process is starting over.
  • Demonstration on Thursday, September 30.
    • Motion made and seconded to allocate $ 2,000 for incidentals for the demonstration. Motion approved.
  • Government Relations. The USF Chapter is participating in the HERO effort.
  • Report on the Tailgate. Approximately 30 – 35 attendees.
  • Regional Campuses. Discussion.


  • Collective Bargaining. No response to UFF’s proposed MOU on COVID. Discussion on Article 6 on non-discrimination.
  • Grievances. Discussion of staff support.
  • Treasury. We are solvent.

These minutes were respectfully submitted on 3 October 2021.