Time and place. This meeting was conducted at 12 noon on Zoom.

Attendance. 13 members

Minutes. Minutes for the June10 meeting were approved.

President’s Report

  • HB 233. UFF is litigating the legislation, and meanwhile, UFF has learned that the Legislature is pressuring the Board of Governors to enact policies restricting academic freedom.
    New Business

  • Election Year. UFF will conduct a campaign to get out the vote.
  • Summer Socials. The Chapter should conduct a well-advertised social this summer.
  • The Contract. The contract is still being reviewed.
    • Motion made and seconded to print 2,000 copies of the contract and mail copies to all employees in the UFF USF Bargaining Unit; left over copies are to be distributed at the discretion of the UFF USF President. Motion passes.


  • Grievances. There are a variety of outstanding grievances, including a number of frivolous student or anonymous complaints against faculty belonging to various marginalized groups. Discussion.
  • Membership. Local organizer Brian Marshall reports that the fellows are recruiting new members via phone calls. We will attend orientation for new faculty.
  • Publicity. The Publicity Committee should develop a policy for an integrated system spanning several platforms.
  • Government Relations. We are asking members to become active in our program to educate politicians.
  • Treasury. We are solvent.

These minutes were respectfully submitted on 10 June 2022.