Time and place. The meeting was conducted at 12 noon on Zoom.

Attendance. Unknown

Minutes. Minutes of the 18 November 2022 meeting approved.

President’s Report.

  • Post Tenure Faculty Review. Further discussion of the proposed regulation. Deadline for comments extended to December 9.
  • Board of Trustees’ Meeting. The meeting is on December 7. Discussion.
  • New UFF Service Representative. Allison Cook of the FEA has joined the team.
  • Promotion & Tenure News. We are seeking data on tenuring of minority faculty. Discussion of faculty development and of climate for minority faculty, esp. at USFSP.

New Business

  • Election Committee. Call for volunteers.
  • Visits to local elected officials. Discussion.


  • Grievances. There are several ongoing cases, including a Title IX case. We have been informed of a non-renewal at USFSM, and of an instructor being moved from one unit to another A grievance training is planned for spring. Finances may affect continuation of programs.
  • Membership. We will focus on building fellows and stewards.

These minutes were respectfully submitted on 26 December 2022.