Time and place. The meeting was conducted at 12 noon on Zoom.

Attendance. Seventeen UFF members and one staff member

Minutes. Minutes of the 2 December 2022 and 6 January 2023 meetings approved.

President’s Report.

  • Meeting with the Vice Provost. We anticipate getting a room on campus shortly.
  • State Government. The governor has requested information on Diversity / Equity / Inclusion, has held back allocated funding, and has nominated five new members for the New College Board of Trustees. The location of the Board of Governors meeting has been changed, new location unknown. Discussion of additional developments.

New Business

  • Working Condition Survey. Karin Braunsberger made a preliminary report on the results of the survey, which was of all the faculty in the UFF USF Bargaining Unit. The response rate was 28%. Most items had answers ranging from 1 = strongly disagree to 5 = strongly agree. Results include: I would leave USF if I were offered a comparable job
    elsewhere and personal factors did not keep me here
    , which had a mean of 3.90, a median of 4.00, and a standard deviation of 1.21. For details, see the slides. A description of the results of the survey will be published in the next regular issue of the Biweekly.

  • Union socials. Dates will be set for socials near USF St. Petersburg, USF Sarasota / Manatee, and USF Tampa.


  • Grievances. Three arbitrations have been approved, and we have a number of grievances.
  • Membership. There may be legislation barring the collection of dues by paycheck deduction. The union is preparing alternative methods of payment.
  • Government Relations. Discussion.
  • Treasury. We are solvent.

These minutes were respectfully submitted on 20 January 2023.