Meeting from 10 am to noon in TAR 249, chaired by S. Dorn (Chapter President). 18 of 24 council members present, sufficient for a quorum.


Nominations for Committees.

  • Grievance Chair S. Wolmuth nominated Sheila Goethe (USFSP), Barbara Shircliffe (USFT) and Ross Alander (USFSM) for the Grievance Committee. Nominations approved.
  • Bargaining Chair R. Welker nominated Steve Permuth (USFT). Nomination approved.

Release units & Biweekly.

  • Motion made & seconded, that the Council recommend using one release unit for fall, 2011, for continued publication of the Biweekly in its current form. Motion approved.


  • Motion made and seconded, that the Chapter’s policy position is that we will not engage in reopeners that are not legally required, without course releases for Chief Negotiator. Motion ruled out of order; tabled.

Membership & PAC signup. There will be a $ 300 dues rebate in May for new members who join by January 31. This policy was approved by the Chapter on October 8, 2010.

FEA Retired.Current membership fees for UFF Retired (in FEA Retired) are $ 81 per year or $ 400 for lifetime membership.

  • Motion made and seconded, that the Chapter rebate $ 200 to UFF USF members towards lifetime UFF Retired membership. Motion withdrawn.


  • Motion made & seconded, that minutes of this meeting to be posted. Motion approved.

(Minutes to be composed in the usual style of posted minutes.)

These minutes respectfully submitted 31 December 2010 by Gregory McColm