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There has been a lot of talk about furloughs at USF, so here are some facts that employees in the UFF USF Bargaining Unit – both UFF members and non-members – should know about the Collective Bargaining Agreement (the contract):

  • The contract does not enable involuntary unpaid leave (i.e. furloughs).
  • Section 17.11 (pp. 50 – 51) provides for leave without pay “upon request of the employee,” and Section 8.4A (p. 10) requires that changes in the thirteen listed terms of appointment (Section 8.3, pp. 9, 10) – except for salary raises and promotion – require the written consent of the employee. So an employee within the UFF USF Bargaining Unit may agree to a furlough, but cannot be required to accept one.
  • If anyone would like to propose language on furloughs to be bargained, this is the time: bargaining the next contract is underway. Please send proposals to the Chapter Secretary to be forwarded to the UFF USF Bargaining Team.
  • In addition, Article 8 on Appointments (pp. 9 – 15), Article 12 on Non-Reappointments (pp. 26 – 28), and Article 13 on Layoff and Recall (pp. 28 – 31) govern how appointments, layoffs and recalls, non-reappointments and non-renewals are conducted. Article 16 on Disciplinary Action and Job Abandonment (pp. 36, 37) includes termination as a possibile disciplinary action.

The contract was bargained by the UFF (representing employees in the UFF USF Bargaining Unit – UFF members and non-members alike) and the USF Administration (representing the USF Board of Trustees). It was ratified by a vote of the UFF USF employees and by the USF Board of Trustees. It has the force of law and cannot be unilaterally changed.