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14 November 2022
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Post Tenure Review is Up for Comment

The Board of Governors, which oversees the entire Florida State University System, has posted the long-threatened proposed regulation on Post-Tenure Faculty Review which, among other things, says that every tenured faculty member be reviewed every five years and if found "Unsatisfactory" in any of seven categories - including compliance with the "Anti-Woke Act" (see item 1000.05(4)) - that member will be subject to dismissal.

We are now in the two-week period for public comment, and since we are all members of the public, we are invited to comment on this policy. Here is the link to the public comment page: if you want to comment, scroll down to Chapter 10, BOG 10.0003 and click the Submit a Comment button, select the Post-Tenure Faculty Review button, enter your name, (personal) email, say that you're not a robot, and enter your comment. It would probably be best to do all this from your personal computer or phone as your office equipment belongs to the State of Florida.

The most effective comments will be short, polite, and making one to three points. The United Faculty of Florida has posted some talking points for people seeking ideas for composing comments, but comments in your own words are more effective.

The deadline for public comment is November 24. We anticipate that the Board will consider implementing this regulation at their January 24-25 meeting in Miami, and we would them to see lots of comments. Feel free to ask colleagues, friends, family, allies, acquantances, etc., to enter comments.

There will be more on post tenure review on the Thursday Biweekly, and it will be on the agenda on Friday.

Survey of ALL Faculty

Your faculty union needs hard data on working conditions for all faculty and professionals - both union members and non-members; this data is critical for bargaining and enforcing the contract. If you have already taken this survey, thank you. If not, please take it now; it takes only fifteen minutes, and your help is greatly appreciated.

We created one survey for each of the colleges, so please scroll down and click on the link designated for your college.

Thank you!

Your UFF USF Team.

Getting Out the Vote

Thanks to everyone who went out and voted last week. The experts are saying that much of the results for this midterm election - particularly in Florida - were a reflection of who voted and who didn't. UFF is now looking at how to navigate the next two years, and we invite everyone to join us. Come to our chapter meeting on Friday.


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