This is a critical election, and all good union members will go out and VOTE! Here are some basics:

THE ELECTION IS NEXT TUESDAY!!!!!: voting by mail is almost over, and early voting soon will be. UFF strongly encourages all eligible and registered voters to vote. For more information, consult the Florida Division of Elections or, for information about voting in your county, consult your friendly neighborhood supervisor of elections:

Early voting days may vary county-by-county, but all counties will have early voting during October 27 – November 3. In particular, Hillsborough County will have early voting at the USF Yuengling Center October 22 – November 4, from 7 am to 7 pm.

This November, the ballot is very long because it is full of very consequential races and referenda. We strongly recommend that everyone take the entire ballot very seriously. Of course, we have our own recommendations (which we are not permitted to share via this newsletter) (except to ask everyone to support public education), but we also encourage everyone to do their own research, such as visiting the websites of candidates and referenda, as well as major non-partisan sites for information purposes:

The only way to hold the government accountable is to hold it accountable, and that means showing up for the election.


We are planning for a recruitment campaign.  We need volunteers!  We need to get UFF members more active in the union.  If you are interested, contact the Membership Chair, Adrienne Berarducci.

Tenure and Promotion

Newsletter Series on Performance, Evaluations, and the Reward Structure: Raises, Renewals, Tenure and Promotion

The newsletter is running a series of article on job performance, how it is evaluated, and how evaluations are translated into raises, renewals, tenure and promotion decisions.  This series was inspired by recent changes in the tenure and promotion guidelines at USF.  Articles thus far: