Election Season

Chapter elections are underway: all UFF USF members should receive ballots by Saturday, March 14. If you are a UFF USF member and have not received a ballot by the beginning of Spring Break, contact the Chapter Secretary. All ballots must be received by Friday, March 26. Ballots will be counted at a special meeting time and location TBA on March 30, and newly elected officers and representatives will take their positions on April 1.

Here are the candidates for chapter offices:

Here are the candidates for the UFF Senate:

(The President serves as senator ex officio.)

Here are the candidates for the FEA Delegate Assembly:


We are watching the USF consolidation process closely. Here are links to UFF USF Biweekly articles on the process:

In addition, here is the USF page on the Consolidation Task Force.


We are planning for a recruitment campaign.  We need volunteers!  We need to get UFF members more active in the union.  If you are interested, contact the Membership Chair, Debbie Sinclair.

Tenure and Promotion

Newsletter Series on Performance, Evaluations, and the Reward Structure: Raises, Renewals, Tenure and Promotion

The newsletter is running a series of article on job performance, how it is evaluated, and how evaluations are translated into raises, renewals, tenure and promotion decisions.  This series was inspired by recent changes in the tenure and promotion guidelines at USF.  Articles thus far: