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19 July 2012
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The destruction of USF Poly shows how besieged Florida universities are. This is the time when we must all stand together. Download, fill in, and mail the membership form. Benefits of membership include the right to run and vote in UFF chapter and statewide elections; representation in grievances (UFF cannot represent a non-member in a grievance or future litigation); special deals in insurance, travel, legal advice, and other packages provided by our affiliates; free insurance coverage for job-related liability; and the knowledge you are supporting education in Florida. AND YOU CAN JOIN NOW AND PAY NO DUES UNTIL AUGUST UNDER THE FEA'S THREE FOR FREE PROGRAM. IN ADDITION, JOIN NOW AND AFTER A TERM AS A DUES PAYING MEMBER, YOU WILL RECEIVE A $ 100 REBATE. Come and join the movement.


After USF Poly, what next? UFF needs your help to fight for you and your university in Tallahassee. We need to help reasonable candidates get elected this fall, and we need to build relationships with legislators we will be dealing with next spring. Thanks to the U. S. Supreme Court, that means campaign contributions. BUT DUES MONEY DOES NOT GO TOWARDS CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS, so the UFF Political Action Committee needs donations! Download, fill in, and mail the UFF PAC paycheck deduction form to contribute a few dollars out of each paycheck towards the UFF PAC fund. We need all the pull in the legislature that we can get.


The legislature's dissolution of USF Polytechnic and the legislative mandated transfer of all USF Polytechnic faculty to USF Tampa impacts the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the United Faculty of Florida and the USF Board of Trustees. One issue that requires immediate action is the timeline of the tenure process as applied to former USF Polytechnic tenure-track faculty.

Article 15.3, Section B (pages 34 - 35) of the Collective Bargaining Agreement requires that the university have written criteria for attaining tenure. USF Poly approved its own criteria for tenure-track faculty in September 2010, and USF Poly no longer exists. So former USF Poly faculty on tenure track will now be reviewed for tenure at USF Tampa using the USF Tampa Tenure & Promotion guidelines and criteria dated August 7, 1998. Former USF Poly faculty on tenure track, which totals nineteen faculty, had been preparing to apply for tenure under USF Poly's criteria approved by the former USF Poly Faculty Senate and General Faculty in September 2010.

It would be inequitable to require the nineteen tenure-track former USF Poly faculty to apply for tenure using USF Tampa's criteria without some extension or delay of their tenure clock. UFF (your bargaining agent) and the Administration (the Board of Trustees' bargaining agent) "tentatively agreed" to an amendment that allows the nineteen former USF Poly tenure-track faculty the option of choosing a modified system. The amendment requires that former USF Poly tenure-track faculty apply for tenure under the USF Tampa criteria, but those nineteen faculty will have the option of requesting a delay of one to two years to submit their mid-tenure review and tenure packet, depending upon the number of years they have been in their tenure-track position. The amendment with details, is posted on our website for your review.

As this amendment affects contractual language, as it applies to former tenure-track USF Poly faculty, it requires ratification by the USF employees of the UFF USF Bargaining Unit and by the USF Board of Trustees. USF faculty and professionals will vote on the amendment on July 26 (Thursday) from 9 am to 12 noon at the four USF campuses at these locations with each person listed facilitating the vote. Please bring your USF I.D. to present to vote.

  • USF Tampa - Library - Main Entrance - Gregory McColm
  • USF St. Petersburg - Library - Main Entrance - Jerry Notaro
  • USF in Lakeland - Library - Main Entrance - Paul Terry
  • USF Sarasota - Jonathan's Cafe (in the USF Sarasota Building) - Ross Alander & Christa Fowler

UFF believes this amendment is an equitable solution to this legislatively mandated emergency, that it follows past practice and precedent, and that it is in the best interest of the faculty and the university. Therefore, UFF strongly recommends that USF employees in the UFF USF Bargaining Unit vote IN FAVOR of ratification of the amendment.

Finally, this entire episode shows what we are facing. One powerful legislator goes on an ego trip and the rest of Tallahassee obliges him. Next spring, we will be facing a legislature flush with their electoral success in their new districts, and not facing an election until 2014. We will need YOUR HELP this fall getting as many reasonable legislators elected as possible, and YOUR HELP next spring fighting the unreasonable legislators - and the governor. You can help out now by joining today.


Next Chapter Meeting Friday, July 27, at 12 noon, at CDB Restaurant, 5104 E. Fowler Ave. in Tampa, just west of the USF Tampa campus.

Pizza and beer will be provided by the Chapter, and all UFF members are invited to attend. Non-members are also invited to come and check us out. Come and join the movement.

Membership: Everyone in the UFF USF System Bargaining unit is eligible for UFF membership: to join, simply fill out and send in the membership form.

NOTE: The USF-UFF Chapter website is http://www.uff.ourusf.org, and our e-mail address is uff@ourusf.org.

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