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25 October 2011
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On October 13, Governor Rick Scott sent a form letter to President Genshaft with seventeen questions. Some questions (like "Does your university offer or require a class that focuses on the development of writing proficiency and critical thinking?") are readily answered by reviewing the USF website; others (like "Do you have measurable goals for the number of graduates who remain in Florida post-graduation?") are unanswerable. For the complete list, see Governor Scott's letter.

On October 19, Scott appeared on WSKY-FM's Bob Rose Show and said that he was interviewing candidates for boards of trustees and asking them what they thought about tenure. The St. Petersburg Times reported that Gov. Rick Scott wants to know how much Florida university graduates earn, and quoted him saying that "I'd like to understand why our universities cost what they cost." And Board of Regents Chair Ava Parker wrote a response saying that "The Board of Governors will coordinate a response on behalf of the State University System."

Parker's response suggested how tricky the situation might be: not only do the questions suggest that Scott has a short term business model in mind evocative of community colleges ("Do you have measurable goals to meet employers current needs?" [italics added]) but also that it might be a set-up. The Tampa Tribune reported that Scott's letter to universities questions focus, job training and quoted UFF USF Chapter Secretary Greg McColm saying, "We are concerned that this exercise will prove to be at most a distraction, and possibly even a preliminary to hostile action."


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