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Sheila Goethe, candidate

Information: I still view academia & our professions as noble. Many of you are also idealistic which is noticeable as we talk about teaching, pedagogy, mentoring and discussing advances in our fields of expertise. The demands seem to increase daily; we must multitask constantly to move our agendas forward. I have worked in various capacities in Higher Education in the past 30 years: Counseling (3 years), Administrator (3 years), Adjunct Faculty (19 years) and Advising (19 years) and am one of the few remaining Advisors with Faculty status in the USF system. I joined UFF many years ago as a way to collectively defend against the many intrusions thrust upon us in times that become ever more interesting. UFF stands beside us to fight for our rights and to fend off injustices. As a potential senator I see trials ahead and welcome the duty and challenge to serve.