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Greg McColm, candidate
Secretary, Senator, Delegate


Information: For re-election as UFF Senator and FEA Delegate:

For unions in general, and for UFF in particular, these are interesting times. Like many people, faculty can feel isolated and impotent - at just the time that political scientists discover that elections and demonstrations are just the most visible part of influencing the political process.

In our society, organizations are critical to getting things done, whether it is bargaining and enforcing a contract or influencing legislation and the execution of laws. An individual is at a disadvantage when facing Management alone, or facing a political system alone. A group standing together and working together will accomplish far more for their cause.

I am running for seats in the primary policy-making bodies of the United Faculty of Florida (our "union local") and of UFF's state affiliate, the Florida Education Association. I am working to build these organizations because they defend and advance not only the interests of university faculty and professionals but also the ideals of our scholarly community.
In addition, all UFF Senators for USF (and alternates) are members of the UFF USF Chapter Council, which oversees the various standing committees. The standing committees include the Bargaining, Grievance and Service (Membership) committees, and do much of the work of the union. I believe that the biggest challenge before the Council is recruiting activists to deepen the union's bench. I would appreciate your support.

For re-election as Chapter Secretary:

I am an associate professor of Mathematics & Statistics, and I came to USF in 1986. I have devoted most of my time to research (two external grants) and teaching. For many years I have been the webmaster and editor of UFF USF Chapter’s electronic Biweekly Newsletter. I have also served as UFF Senator for many years, and more recently as FEA Delegate; I have also served for many years as Chapter Secretary. I have also served for several years in the Faculty Senate, and I once chaired the ad hoc committee to report on departmental governance.
During the past few years, the primary duties of the Secretary have been to compose and post the minutes of the Chapter and the Council and to maintain critical records. In addition, with the membership growth of the UFF USF Chapter and the United Faculty as a whole, the Secretary has been charged with maintaining the membership lists.
The UFF USF Chapter is upgrading its technology in support of recruiting efforts to build the union. If re-elected, I intend to develop software to streamline the process by which membership records are maintained as employees join UFF, move from position to position within the USF system, depart, or otherwise change their status. This is the kind of stuff that is often taken for granted, but is critical if UFF is to function.
The Secretary is also a member of the Chapter's Executive Committee, which consists of six elected officers and two standing committee chairs, and deals with the daily routine of the union in collaboration with the Chapter President. I believe that the current highest priority of the Executive Committee should be to recruit new activists to support the work of the union.

I hope to continue in this effort and would appreciate your support.